Source: MAHJUBAH Vol. 13 No.11 (126), Nov.1994 | by: Shahid Murtaza Mutahhari

The deep scar on the shoulder of Nasiba, daughter of Kaab, spoke of a serious wound in the past. Whenever the women, especially of the younger generation who had not seen the time of the Prophet or were too small at that time, noticed the cavity in her shoulder, they enquired with curiosity about the frightening incident which had resulted in the injury to her shoulder. They loved to hear about her adventures in the Battle of Uhud from her own mouth.

She had never imagined that she would fight shoulder to shoulder with her husband and two sons defending the Prophet in the Battle of Uhud. She had only taken the water-skin on her back so that she could provide water to the injured and also had taken some homemade bandages to dress their wounds.

Although the Muslims were small in number and had only a limited number of weapons, they soundly defeated the enemy who fled from the battlefield. But soon after, due to the negligence of some men guarding the "Ainain Hills", the enemy made a surprise attack from the rear, turning the victory of the Muslims into defeat. The Muslims surrounding the Prophet ran away, leaving him almost all alone in the battlefield.

When Nasiba saw this precarious situation, she put the water-skin on the ground, and took a sword in her hand. She fought with the sword and also made good use of bows and arrows; and took a shield left over by a fleeing soldier. Once she noticed a man shouting: "Where is Muhammad himself?" She approached him immediately and tried to inflict a few blows on him, but he was a double-armoured and her attacks had little effect on him. He then inflicted such a heavy blow on the shoulder of the armourless woman that it required treatment for one year. Seeing a stream of blood gushing from her shoulder, the Prophet called to one of her sons to immediately dress her wound. He put a bandage on her shoulder and she again went into the battle.

Meanwhile, one of her sons was injured. Nasiba took out a bandage and dressed his wound. The Prophet, watching the scene, smiled at the heroism of this woman. After dressing her son's wound she instructed him to return to the battle. These words were still in her mouth when the Prophet pointed out a man to her and told her that he was the same man who had injured her son. She attacked the man like a lioness and her sword hit his leg. He fell on the ground.

Many Muslims were martyred and wounded in that battle. Nasiba herself was so severely wounded that many feared that she would die. After the Battle of Uhud, the Prophet ordered the wounded Muslims to pursue the enemy to Hamra-ul-Asad, to be sure of their intention and condition. Nasiba also wanted to accompany them but her injuries did not allow her to do so. On returning from Hamra-ul-Asad, the Prophet, before reaching his house, sent someone to enquire about her health and was pleased to learn that she was alive.