Anecdotes from The Life Of Lady Fatimah (A)
Bibi Fatimah Zahra (A.S.) was born to Bibi Khadija (A) and the Prophet (S). Before her birth, the Prophet (S) had had two sons, Qasim and Tahir, but both boys had died when they were babies.

The Prophet (S) had started teaching the message of Islam and had made many enemies. As a result, some of the unbelievers began to make fun of him at the death of his sons, calling him "Abtar".

The word Abtar means an animal who has no tail - and was meant to say that the Prophet (S) was tail-less because he had no children to carry on his family.

Thus, when Bibi Fatimah (A) was born, the following Sura of the Holy Qur'an was revealed:
"In the Name of Allah, the most Kind, the most Merciful. Verily (O Muhammad), We have given you Kauthar. So pray to your Lord and give sacrifice. Verily, your enemies will be Abtar."
   Surah al-Kauthar, (108:1-3)
When the Holy Prophet (S) was asked what Kauthar meant, he replied that it was a stream in heaven and the man who would give water from that stream to the believers was Imam Ali (A).

He then said that Kawthar also meant abundance, and the birth of Bibi Fatimah (A) signified that, through her, his descendants would be in abundance.

The promise of Allah was certainly true because today, there are countless descendants of the Prophet (S), (Sayyids) while there is nobody who claims to be a descendant of the Quraish. Thus the enemies of the Holy Prophet (S) were those who became truly "Abtar".

This Surah in the Holy Qur'an is thus a reference to Bibi Fatimah (A).

You should never think that you have more than someone else, because there might come a time when that person has more than you. Remember it is through the blessing of Allah that you have what you have.

Once when Imam Hasan (A) and Imam Husain (A) were children they both fell ill. Their parents Imam Ali (A) and Bibi Fatimah (A) were very sad to see them ill.

When the Holy Prophet (S) found out about the illness he suggested that both his daughter Bibi Fatimah (A) and his cousin and son-in-law Imam Ali (A) should keep Nazr.

Nazr is a promise that you make to Allah. Something that you will do extra for the pleasure of Allah if your wish comes true.

Imam Ali (A) and Bibi Fatimah (A) made a nazr that they would fast three days upon the recovery of their children.

Allah accepted their nazr and both Imam Hasan (A) and Imam Husain (A) recovered from their illness.

Their parents decided to fast the next day to fulfil their nazr and when the children came to know of this they also decided to fast. Their maid Bibi Fizza, who loved the children very much also decided to fast.

On the first day of the fasting, Bibi Fatimah prepared 5 loaves of bread to break their fast with.

In the evening when the time for Salaat set in they all prayed then sat down to break their fast. Just as they were about to eat their loaves of bread there was a knock on the door. There stood a poor man asking for something to eat.

All of them, one by one gave their loaf of bread to the beggar. And had just water instead.

The next day all of them again fasted. Again they were to break their fast with a loaf of bread each which had been baked that morning.

And again as they were about to eat their loaf there was a knock on the door. This time it was an orphan asking for food.

Although they themselves were two days hungry they all happily gave their loaf of bread to the orphan and again slept without any food.

On the third day of their fast as they sat down to break their fast, a prisoner knocked at the door asking for food.

Although by now the family were very hungry as they had not eaten for three days, they again gave away their loaves.

Sura Ad-Dahr in the Holy Qur'an was revealed in praise of the sacrifice made by this family.

  1. Nazr is very powerful.
  2. Always think of others before yourself.
  3. It is not how much you give to others that is important but the intention with which you give: i.e. "Qurbatan Ilallah" which means to get closer to Allah.

Bibi Fatima az-Zahra (A) used to work very hard in her house. Her father our Holy Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (S) could see how hard she worked.

So one day he told her that he was going to give her something that would be better than a helper or anything else in the world.

Do you know what he gave her?

He gave her Tasbeeh.

He told her that after every Salaat she should say:

Allahu Akbar - 34 times
Alhamdulillah - 33 times
Subhanallah - 33 times

This is what we call the Tasbeeh of Bibi Fatima az-Zahra (A)

The Salaat is like a beautiful flower and the Tasbeeh of Bibi Fatima (A) gives that beautiful flower a beautiful smell.

So after every Salaat we should say the Tasbeeh of Bibi Fatima az-Zahra (A) because we want our Salaat to be like a beautiful flower with a beautiful smell.

Once an old poor man came to the house of Bibi Fatima (A) and asked her for help.

Bibi Fatima (A) had nothing to give to the old man except the necklace that her cousin had given to her. She took it off and gave it to the old man, telling him to sell the necklace and use the money.

A man called Ammar who was a friend of the Holy Prophet (S) bought the necklace from the old man and gave him:- some food, some clothes, a horse and some money.

Ammar then sent his servant to the house of the Holy Prophet (S) and told him to tell the Holy Prophet (S) that he had sent the necklace and the servant as a gift.

When the Holy Prophet (S) heard this, he sent the servant and the necklace to Bibi Fatima (A) as a gift. Bibi Fatima (A) thanked the servant for bringing the necklace and gave him his freedom.

What a special necklace! It provided food, clothes, a horse, money, freed a man, and finally came back to its owner!


You should give whatever you have to people who need it and Allah will give you more in return.