Noah's Ark
For many years, Prophet Noah (P.B.U.H.) tried to teach his people that Allah is One, but they just laughed at him. Sometimes they would throw stones at him. The angel Jibrail used to come and help him get up from the pile of stones thrown at him.

Prophet Noah (P.B.U.H.) complained to Allah that his people were not listening to him. Allah asked him to build a big Ark (boat).

Board therein of each kind - Image © Play & Learn

When people saw Prophet Noah (P.B.U.H.) building the Ark they started to laugh at him and teased him, especially because where his was building his Ark was very far away from the sea.

When the Ark was ready, Allah told Prophet Noah (P.B.U.H.) to take in all the believers and two of every kind of birds and animals.

Started raining heavily - Image © Play & Learn
Soon after, water started pouring from the skies and and gushing out of the land. All the disbelievers were drowned. One of the sons of Prophet Noah (P.B.U.H.) had also refused to get on the Ark. He climbed up a high mountain thinking that he would be saved but he too drowned.

The ark tossed around on the big waves, and Prophet Noah (P.B.U.H.) prayed to Allah to make them land safely.

Allah answered his prayers and made the earth swallow the water. It stopped raining and the Ark came to rest on Mount Jodi.