The Uncontrollable Flies
Adapted from: JA'FARI OBSERVER - JAMADI AL ULA 1415 Page 24

Haroon once told Buhlool that if he would give correct answer to a question, he would gift him with a thousand dinars of gold. Failing to give him answer, he would give instructions to shave off his entire beard and moustache. Further he would be exposed before the people in the streets and bazaars, mounted on an ass. To this Buhlool said:

"I do not need any worldly wealth or money from you. But if I reply correctly, then you undertake to order the flies not to harass us".

Haroon after a little thought replied: "That is not possible as the flies around are not under my control".

To this Buhlool retorted: "What could be expected from a person who has no control over tiny weak creatures like the flies".

By this statement, Buhlool implied that one, who could not control and rule over flies, how could he be expected to rule over the whole world as claimed. The true and legitimate Caliph and vicegerent of the Prophet could only be the one who had control and rule over all the creatures.

Every small or big thing should be under submission to him. As such Buhlool meant that he may not answer a question from Haroon on his stipulated conditions.

"...surely those whom you call upon besides Allah cannot create a fly, though they should all gather for it, and should the fly snatch away anything from them, they could not take it back from it weak are the invoker and invoked".

Anyhow, Haroon then asked what that tree was which had twelve branches and every branch had thirty leaves, and every leaf had one side shining while another dark.

Buhlool replied: "The tree is the year, the twelve branches are the twelve months and thirty shining and dark leaves are the thirty days of the months".

Haroon and his courtiers were flabbergasted to hear this logical answer.