At Umm-e Salma's home
From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, # 32

That night, the Prophet (pbuh&hf) was at Umm-e Salma's home.

When she woke up in the midst of the night, she didn't find him in his bed. A bit worried, she wondered where he would be? She started searching for him.

She found him standing in a dark corner, hands raised to the heavens, crying and saying:

"My Lord! Do not take away the good things you have granted me. My Lord! Do not make me subject of hatred of my enemies and the jeolous ones. My Lord! Don not turn me to the wrongs that you have diverted me from. My Lord! Don't ever leave me on my own, even for a fraction of a moment."

As she heard these sentences, Umm-e Salma shivered with fear, and retired to a corner and started weeping. Her crying was so severe that the Prophet came to her asking: "Why are you crying?"

"Why shouldn't I cry? You have such a lofty place in Allah's sight, yet you fear Him to this degree. You ask of Him not to leave you on your own even for a short while. Woe to me!"

"O' Umm-e Salma! How can I not fear, and remain content. Yonus (as) was left on his own, and you know what happened to him." (1)

(1): Bihar, v 6 The section Makarim-e Akhlaqhihi wa seera wa sunanna