Prayer (Salat)
Allah loves us and has given us blessings. We should be grateful for all His blessings and should thank him.

The best way to thank Allah is to pray (salat) to Him. Praying to Him is like having a conversation with Him.

We must pray to Allah five times a day: Once every morning, noon afternoon, evening and night. The time for the morning prayer is from dawn until sunrise. The time for the noon and afternoon prayer is from noon until sunset. The time for the evening and night prayer is from sunset until midnight.

Every prayer consists of several parts. Each part is called a Rak'at. The morning prayer consists of two Rak'ats: the noon, afternoon, and night prayers consist of four Rak'ats each, and the evening prayer of three Rak'ats.

If our clothes or bodies are not clean before prayer, then we must clean them. Before praying we must make Wudhu.

Prayer has many benefits. A person who prays is always clean and healthy, like a person who cleans himself five times a day in a stream. A person who prays to Allah five times a day will always think of Allah and remember Him; His actions will be virtuous.