From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, # 59 V. 1

The scar on her shoulder spoke of a huge injury in the past. This was Naseeba the daughter of Ka'b (known as Umme 'Amara).

The young women who hadn't lived or have been very young during the time of the Prophet (pbuh) always asked her of the deep injury on her shoulder. Every one was interested to know about her experience at Uhud in Naseeba's own words.

Naseeba would have never thought that she would fight along with her husband and two sons and defend the Prophet (pbuh).

She had only carried a large leather bottle of water, to water the injured. She also had brought some fabric to Band-Aid their injuries. More than this, she had not forecasted anything else.

The Muslim had gained the upper hand at the beginning of the battle, despite the fact that they were not well equipped. The enemy ran away. But soon due to the neglect of some guards of "Ainain" the enemy attacked from behind. The condition changed and a great number of Muslims got away from the Prophet (pbuh) .

Naseeba put the water bottle down and grabbed the sword. She would use the sword and at time the arrow and spear. She grabbed the shield of a man who was running away.

Once she noticed that a man from the enemy was calling: "Where is Muhammad? Where is Muhammad?"

Naseeba went behind him and hit him with a few blows. That man had two protecting outfit, thus wasn't injured much. Rather he hit Naseeba with a hard blow to her shoulder, that required a year of care. As soon as the Prophet (pbuh) noticed the blood gushing from her shoulder, he told her son to attend to her, "Hurry and dress her wound".

He dressed her wound and she restarted the struggle. She noticed that one of her sons had been wounded, she went to him and dressed his wound. The Prophet (pbuh) had a pleasant smile on his face seeing the courage of this woman. As soon as she dressed his wound she told him: "My son, move on and join the battle."

The Prophet (pbuh) showed her the man who had injured her son. "He wounded your son."

Naseeba attacked the man and hit him on the leg. The Prophet (pbuh) told her: "You have a good revenge, thank Allah that he granted you success."

A number of Muslims were martyred, some were wounded. Naseeba was also wounded significantly. After the event of Uhud, the Prophet (pbuh) ordered Muslims to move towards "Hamra al Asad". They prepared to move. Naseeba was ready to go along, but her wounds disabled her.

When the Prophet (pbuh) returned from Hamra al Asad, before going to his own home, he sent someone to inquire about Naseeba's well being. They brought him good news. The Prophet (pbuh) was immensely happy with the news.[1]

[1] Sharh of ibn Abi al Hadeed. v. 3 p568-570 Told by Maghazi Wagidi