Anecdotes from The Life Of Imam Ali (A)
In the time of the Prophet (S) the idol worshippers of Makkah were very angry with him. They wanted to kill him.

Allah had told the Prophet (S) about the plan of the idol worshippers to murder him and so he decided to move to Madinah.

The idol worshippers chose 40 of their bravest men and told them to go to the Prophet's (S) house and kill him.

That night the Prophet (S) left for Madina, but before he left he asked Imam Ali (A) if he would sleep in his bed so that the idol worshippers outside would think that he, the Prophet (S) was there.

Imam Ali (A) was very happy to do this for the Prophet (S). In fact Imam Ali (A) said that the best sleep that he had ever had was on that night.

When the killers came into the Prophet's (S) house and pulled off the blanket they saw Imam Ali (A) there, and so they left angrily.

  1. When you do something purely for Islam, then Allah helps you.
  2. Everyone can plan but only what Allah wants will happen.

In the battle of Khandaq, the Muslims dug a ditch around themselves for their defence, so that the enemy could not get across.

A man from the enemy side called Amr bin Abdawud who was known for his strength, courage and art of fighting managed to get across the ditch.

All the Muslims were terrified to fight him and only Imam Ali (A) came forward to fight this man.

There was a fierce fight until at last Imam Ali (A) threw Amr down onto the ground and mounted his chest ready to kill him.

Just as Imam Ali (A) was about to kill this enemy of Islam, he spat on the face of our Imam (A).

Everybody was certain that because of this insult, Amr would meet his death even faster still, but to their amazement, Imam Ali (A) moved from Amr's chest and walked away.

Amr attacked Imam (A) again and after a short while, Imam (A) again overpowered Amr and killed him.

After the battle was over people asked Imam Ali (A) the reason why he had spared Amr's life when he had first overpowered him.

To which Imam (A) replied that if he had killed him then it would have not been only for the sake of Allah but also for the satisfaction of his anger and so he let him free.

Then Imam (A) controlled his anger and killed Amr purely for the sake of Allah.


Although your intention may be pure to begin with it can very easily change so always make sure you do things for the sake of Allah only.

Fatima binte Asad (the mother of Imam Ali) went to the Ka'ba and prayed to Allah that the baby she was going to have would be born safely.

She was standing near the wall opposite the door of the Ka'ba, praying to Allah when suddenly there was a crack in the wall near her. The crack became bigger and bigger until it was big enough for Fatima binte Asad to go through it and enter the Ka'ba.

When Fatima binte Asad had entered the Ka'ba, the crack began to get smaller and smaller. This crack is still there to this day on the wall of the Ka'ba.

Some people who had been near the Ka'ba saw what had happened and started telling other people. Now these people wanted to see what was happening inside the Ka'ba, so they went and got the keys of the door of the Ka'ba. But the door would not open.

Prophet Muhammad (S) had been away when all this happened. When he came back from his trip and went to the Ka'ba, the lock on the door of the Ka'ba fell open all on its own and Fatima binte Asad came out holding her new little baby - Imam Ali (A).

When Prophet Muhammad (S) held Imam Ali (A), he opened his eyes for the first time. So the first thing Imam Ali (A) ever saw was the face of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Imam Ali (A) is the only person ever to be born in the Ka'ba.

One day our 1st Imam, Imam Ali (A) went to the market with his servant, Qambar. There he bought 2 shirts, one which was really nice and expensive and the other which was not as nice.

When Imam Ali (A) returned home he gave the better shirt to Qambar and kept the other one for himself.

Qambar told Imam Ali (A) that it would look better if he wore the nicer shirt as he was the leader of the Muslims while Qambar himself was only a servant.

Imam Ali (A) answered that Qambar should wear the nicer shirt because he was younger and so it would suit him better; but more importantly Imam (A) told him that he was a guide for the Muslims and so had to set a good example for them by leading a simple life.

  1. You should always give away the nicer thing.
  2. You should be happy with a few simple things and not want so many things.