The Last Word
From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, # 58, V. 1

As soon as Umme Hameeda the mother of Imam Kadhim (as) saw Abu Baseer, who had come to pay his condolences for the death of her husband Imam Ja'far Sadiq (as), she cried. Abu Baseer cried as well. When she was comforted, Umme Hameeda told him: "You were not present at the last moments of Imam (as) to see what happened."

Abu Baseer asked:" What happened?"

She said: "It was the last moments of Imam's (as) life. He eyes were closed. All of a sudden he opened his eyes, and said: 'gather all the family members now.' It was strange that the Imam (as) had ordered as such in this last moment. So we put our efforts together, and gathered all relatives. All were ready to hear what the Imam (as) had to say. When the Imam (as) saw that every one was present, he told them: "Our intercession shall be the portion of those who belittle their prayers." [1]

[1] Bihar al Anwar, V. 11, p. 105