Fasting is one of the most important duties in Islam. All the prophets before Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) taught people to fast. We Muslims must fast during the month of Ramadhan.

Muslims are very happy at the coming of the month of Ramadhan. They will wake up some hours earlier than the time for the Adhan (call for prayer) of the morning prayer, and will pray to Allah while it is still dark. They will then eat something and begin to prepare themselves for fasting during the day. First they do their morning prayer then at dawn the fast begins.

After dawn they do not eat, drink, or do anything that would nullify their fast; such as keeping their heads under water or letting smoke or dirt reach their throats.

After sunset, when the Adhan for the evening prayer is called, they break the fast with the remembrance of Allah and eat the food prepared for them. (Iftar)

Fasting is very good for the health of human beings. Whoever fasts, Will have the ability to endure more suffering and more hardship than other people.'

A person who is fasting must try to stay away from sin and all bad deeds. He must try to be very kind and friendly and try not to say anything bad about anyone or hurt anyone.