The Effort of the Frog
From: In the Presence of the Wise

There is a moment of uncertainty, a moment of unrest. I have just poured my restless heart about the concerns about the community, about the state of the Ummah, about the confused random directions that each one goes instead of aligning energies as a unified force.

The moment of silence grows heavy on my mind which is stopped as a steaming hurricane by a wall of patience and reflection.

Then the words of wisdom pour out of my friend's mouth, a soft and thoughtful voice reads in my ear:

"You know, when the fire of Nimrood had engulfed Prophet Ibrahim (as), there was a little frog. This little frog used to full its mouth with water, and pour it on the fire. Others laughed at this 'mindless, random act of kindness', and told him that your mouthfuls of water won't stop the fire of Nimrood. You know what the frog said? It said, on the judgement day, I will be asked of what I did within my capacity, just a frog's mouthful of water."

I remember the words of Imam (ra), that we are responsible for the duty, and not for the result. A warm smile washes away the tension of confusion, as I thank Allah for the presence of my friend, whom Allah may protect, and guide.