A Ship's Journey
Adapted from: AHMAD March 1995 pp. 38-39
Written by: Abdallah Ahmad

A ship was moving through the calm sea, with its passengers enjoying the beautiful scene of the sea. Suddenly, a storm blew causing the waves to rise and the ship to swing. It was destined to sink, but Allah's Grace saw to it that it reached a far away island safely. The captain decided to deck on that island's shore till the sea calmed down again.

The passengers looked around them. The Divine creation was obvious in the beauty of every tree and flower in the island, which seemed uninhabited. Fascinated by the charming Scenery, most of the passengers wanted to tour around to enjoy this beauty, relax and forget all about the troubles they had faced. They asked for the captain's permission. He agreed on one condition: that they must come back upon hearing the first signal indicating that the sea became calm. He added that they should go home before another storm broke.

The passengers toured around the island. Attracted by the beautiful views, some of them went into the bushes, and began to collect many things to give to their relatives and beloved ones back home. Whereas the rest, who thought carefully about their situation, concluded that the ship couldn't carry all the things they intended to bring, and decided to take in only their basic needs that would help them in making their journey. They went back to the shore carrying only their vital supplies, and waited patiently for the storm to calm down. Soon, the captain saw that the weather was clear. He signaled once and twice asking the passengers to get aboard right away.

The first to arrive were those who were already waiting. They climbed up carrying their essentials, and they naturally found plenty of room to sit comfortably around the ship. Some of the other passengers hurried back, carrying the precious stones, fruits and flowers. When they reached the ship as it was setting sail, they realized that there was not enough room left to accommodate all what they brought. Thus, they had to throw all of the riches away.

A third group of passengers who were preoccupied with seeking more precious stones, fruits and beautiful flowers, were so much attracted by what they had seen that they did not respond to the signals coming from the ship.

Finally, the ship set sail leaving them behind, for it had to reach home safely before another storm erupted.

They did not realize that the ship had left, except after dark. They were very exhausted and they slept deeply, hoping that they will be saved one day.

The ship reached home after a long and tiresome journey that made the passengers, who were not attracted to the charm and beauty of the island, know the true meaning of survival.

They felt that the fate of those who were left on the island is like the fate of the people who are fascinated by the pleasures and joys of this world: They got fully engaged in them that they forgot that they will return back to their Creator to be either punished or rewarded.

Allah, the most Exalted, said in His Glorious Book: In the Name of Allah the Compassionate, The Merciful.
"Let the life of this world not deceive you, nor let the dissembler trick you concerning Allah "
Allah the Most Exalted speakth the Truth.