The Merchant and the Passer by
From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, #18 V. 1

A tall, and well built man with a face tanned with the sun and a healed cut on his eyebrow that tell tale of warfare, walked with determined steps.

A merchant threw a handful of waste at him so that he may provide a moment's entertainment in the market. But the man continued to walk as determined without a slight response.

Another merchant went to the offender and asked: "Do you know the man whom you just offended?"

"No. I don't know him. He was one of the thousand who pass by us everyday. Who was he, anyway?"

"Seriously, didn't you recognize him? This passer by happened to be the general commander Malik-e Ashtar."

"No. was this man Malik-e Ashtar. was this the man whose name startles people and shakes his enemies?"

"Yes, this was Malik."

"Woe unto me! What did I just do? He might just order now and I will be severely punished. I shall run after him and plea that he forgives me."

He run after Malik. He noted that he went towards a Masjid. He followed him to the Masjid. There, he saw him stand for a prayer, He waited till Malik was done. The merchant went to him and introduced himself while crying and apologizing to Malik. He said: "I am the same person who offended you."

Malik said: "By Allah I came to Masjid for you. I understand that you are misguided and unwise. That you bother people without a reason. I felt sad for you. I came to Masjid to pray for your guidance to the right path. I didn't have and intention to hurt you, as you thought I might have."[1]

[1] Safinatul Bihar, Section on Ashtar taken from Waram's compilation.