The complaint of a Neighbour
From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, # 30, v. 1

A man came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf) and complained of his neighbour who was disturbing him.

The Prophet (pbuh&hf) said: "Be patient, perhaps he will change his attitude."

After a while the man returned and complained again. This time, the Prophet (pbuh&hf) said, again: "Be patient."

He came for a third time, and said: "O Rasool Allah. This neighbour has not changed his manners and continues to disturb me and my family."

This time the Prophet (pbuh&hf) said to him: "Take your furniture out and put it on the street this Friday so that the people who pass by see, and enquire the reason. Then, you can tell them that a bad neighbour is the reason."

The plaintiff did this.

The bad neighbour who had thought to himself that the Prophet (pbuh&hf) always enjoins people to patience and forebearance, pays no respect to the one who abuses other people's rights.

As soon as he became aware of the situation, he pleaded that the plaintiff takes his furniture back in. At that time he pledged that he would never cause any disturbance for his neighbour.[1]

[1] Usool-e Kafi. v. 2. Section on "The Rights of Neighbours" p. 668