In Praises Of Allah
We thank Allah for His blessing of creating us, for giving us the power to find the answers to the things we do not know, to advance in knowledge and education.

O Allah! Help us so that we may know the value of Your blessings. Help us to obey Your orders and observe your laws of guidance which will make us happy and prosperous. Help and guide us so that we may become kind and well-educated people.

O Allah! Guide us so that we may please our parents and respect them with honour.

Allah! We implore You to send Your peace and blessings upon the prophets whom you sent to guide and show us the right way: how to be good; how to become happy and successful.

Oh Allah! Send Your peace and blessings upon the Prophet of Islam who taught mankind the laws and manners of brotherhood and equality.

Oh Allah! give us the opportunity to worship You and follow the path which Your prophets have showed us.