Belief In Allah
One day Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and a group of his followers were passing by a place. They saw an old woman working with her spinning wheel.

Prophet Muhammad went up to her. After saying 'Salam Alaikum,' (Islamic greeting which means Peace be with you) and asking her how she was feeling, he asked her, 'How did you come to believe in Allah?'

The old woman let her spinning wheel stop. She thought for a while, then replied, 'Do you see this small wheel? It does not spin unless I move it. How could it be possible for a universe this big to spin by itself?

Who changes the night into day? Who changes the four seasons? There must be someone doing all these things.

The One who preserves and controls the whole universe is Allah who is All-Knowing and Almighty.'

Prophet Muhammad turned to his followers and said, 'Consider how this old woman has come to know of the existence of Allah. You, also, should have as strong a belief in Allah as this old lady.'