The Creator
Saeed is a very promising boy. He is very fond of studies. He also takes part in games and sports. Sometimes he and his father went out for a walk.

On the banks of the river it was all green

One day both of them went to the riverside. The scene all around was very beautiful. The riverbed was full of water. On the banks of the river it was all green. Ducks, swans, and other water birds were gliding in the water. Melodious birds were chirping in the trees. The sun was peeping through the branches.

This charming scene pleased Saeed very much. All of a sudden an idea crossed his mind and he asked his father: "Dear father! Who has made all these lovely things?"

Father: "Allah has made them".
Saeed: "Can we see Allah? "
Father: "No, my son, we can't see Him".
Saeed: "Then how do we know that He exists and He has made everything?"

Thereupon his father pointed to a building surrounded by trees and said, "Just look at that building. Do you know who has built it?" "Surely masons have built it", Saeed replied. Then his father said, "Dear son! When we see that building we guess that masons have built it, although we can't see them. Similarly, when we see some footsteps on sand we know that someone has passed from there. Now look at the Universe. It is very big and must also have a creator, although we can't see Him. That great Creator is Allah. This world and all things in it are a proof of His existence."

Saeed understood the point and thanked his father for explaining it to him.