Prophet Abraham (P.B.U.H.)
Abraham was one of the great prophets. During the time of Prophet Abraham, people worshipped idols.

Abraham often spent most of his time looking at the sky, the earth, the moon, the stars, and the sun, but he could never believe that these idols, made out of wood and stone, could have created anything in the universe.

He would laugh to himself, at the people of his town, being amazed at their ignorance.

On a New Year day, when all the people went to the city to celebrate their New Year, Abraham stayed home. When nobody was left in the town, he picked up an axe and went to the idol houses.

Nobody was inside the idol houses. Each of the idols was there at its proper place. Abraham broke all the idols into small pieces, except the big one. He then put the axe on the shoulder of the big idol and left.

When the people returned to the town and saw all their idols broken, they understood that Abraham had done it. They asked him, "Did you break the idols?"

Abraham replied, "Don't you see that the axe is on the shoulder of the big idol. Ask him to tell you the truth!" The people started moaning and arguing, and then replied, "You know very well that stone and wood do not speak."

Abraham replied, "Then why do you consider these helpless idols as Allahs and worship them? I have nothing against wood and stone, but I am against ignorance and misguidance. These idols which you call Allah are nothing but wood and stones. You people must stop worshipping these idols and start believing in One Great Allah. You should worship Him alone."