Alcohol on the table
From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, # 62, v.1

Mansoor Dawaniqi would call Imam Sadiq (as) from Madina to Iraq frequently, with different excuses, and would keep an eye on him. At times he would prevent him from returning to Hijaz for a long time.

It was during one of these arrests that one of Mansoor's high officials had a grand party for his son's circumcision.

The rich and famous of the time were invited, and the Imam (as) was also bothered with the invitation.

The table was prepared, and the guests started eating. One of the guests asked for water. Someone handed him a cup of wine, instead. The Imam (as) left the table immediately, and didn't return. When asked the reason he replied: "Whoever sits at a table where wine is served, Allah's La'na (curse) is upon him." [1]

[1] Bihar al-Anwar v 11, p. 115