Seek Refuge In Allah
We must always stay away from bad things and seek refuge (ask Allah for protection) in Allah. Most bad things, such as stealing and gambling take place at night.

Disbelieves try to misguide people with such things as magic and superstition. We must seek refuge in Allah from the bad deeds of wicked people who become jealous when they see others making progress while they themselves are not. We should also seek refuge in Allah from their evil thoughts.

'In the name of the most merciful, kind Allah. (Muhammad) 'Say; I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, from the evil of that which He has created and from the darkness of the night which covers the whole place; from the wicked sorcerers and from the jealous people and from those who do evil.""

Allah created all men good, but some become bad because of a bad upbringing and the influence of bad friends. These bad people want to lead others astray like themselves. For this reason, they always speak of bad deeds. They consider what is bad as good. They say bad things behind other peoples' backs and try to make people hate each other.

All these are tempted by Satan from whom we must seek refuge in Allah and ask for His help so that we do not hear any bad and misguiding things.

'In the name of the most merciful, kind Allah.(Muhammad) Say: I seek refuge in the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind, the king of mankind, the God of mankind. From the whispering temptations of the accursed Satan from among the jinn and the men, who induce temptations within the ears and hearts of men.'