The Outcome of the Journey to Taef
From: Anecdotes of the Pious Ones, #60 v. 1

Abu Talib the Prophet's (pbuh) uncle and Lady Khadija his kind companion both died within a few days. Thus the Prophet (pbuh) lost his strongest supporter in society and the comfort and companion at home in a short time.

Just as much as the Prophet (pbuh) was sad about Abu Talib's death, the Quraish also became more cruel towards him (pbuh). Only days after his death, they emptied a bucketful of ashes on his head. He returned home dusty. His youngest daughter, Lady Fatimah (SA) ran to him and washed his hair. He saw that his little daughter was crying. He said: "My dear daughter don't be sad. Your father is not alone. Allah is his protector."

Then, the Prophet (pbuh) left Makkah and went to Taef which was a pleasant city in south of Makkah for the purpose of guidance and inviting people to Islam. Taef happened to be a vacation spot for the rich of Makkah, as well. Not much could be expected from the people of Taef. These people who lived amongst the luxury and blessing that surrounded them had the same mind set as that of the Makkans who had a comfortable life from the earning due to the idols.

But the Prophet (pbuh) wasn't one who would be easily despaired, or be disheartened by the difficulties. He was ready to face the hardest challenges just to enlighten and attract a sincere heart.

He entered Taef. He heard of the people of Taef what he had heard from the people of Makkah. One said: "Wasn't there anyone else that Allah would make you a Prophet?" The other said: "I would attest to having stolen the cover of Ka'ba rather than attesting to your Prophethood." The third one said: "I won't say even a word to you."

Not only did they not accept his guidance, moreover, they encouraged a group of children and the wicked of the society to push the Prophet (pbuh) out of the city. They also joined this group.

The Prophet (pbuh) got away from Taef. While he was severely injured and hurt, took shelter in a garden that belonged to, Ataba and Shayba, two wealthy people among the Quraish. They also happened to be in the garden, they watched this state of the Prophet, and were happy about it. The kids and the wicked of Taef returned.

The Prophet (pbuh) sat under the shade of the vineyard away from Ataba and Shayba.

He was alone with his Lord. He directed his need toward a self sufficient Lord and said: "My Lord! I complain to You from my weakness the blocking of my means and from the making fun of the people. O Kindest of the kind, You are the Lord of the oppressed and the belittled. You are my Lord. Who frown at me, or the enemy whom You have given a temporary superiority over me? My Lord if what has come upon me is other than your anger over me for a deserved punishment, I am not disheartened, But the field of well being is wider for me. I seek refuge in the light of Your essence which lights all darkness and rectifies affairs of this and the next world, from Your anger and Your torment. I am pleased with that which has come upon me, so that You may be pleased with me. There is no change and no power in the world but by You and from You."

Ataba and Shayba who were happy at the defeat of the Prophet (pbuh) still in observance of dues to relatives sent him a tray of grape by 'Udas their Christian slave. 'Udas brought him the grapes and told him: "Eat". The Prophet (pbuh) took a grape and said "Bismilla" before he put it in his mouth.

'Udas had never heard of this word before. He heard it the first time from the tongue of the Prophet (pbuh).

'Udas said: "This is not a common word among the people of this region . What was this word?"

The Prophet ( pbuh): " 'Udas, where are you from? What is your religion?"

"I am from Naynawa and I am a Christian"

"From Naynawa, from the city of Allah's righteous servant Yunus ibn Mata?"

"Amazing! How do you know of Yunus bin Mata in this land? There aren't even few people in Naynawa who would know Mata the father of Yunus."

"Yunus is my brother. He was a messenger, I too am a messenger of Allah."

Ataba and Shayba saw that 'Udas is standing and still talking to the Prophet. They were disheartened, for they were always afraid of people talking to him.

Soon they saw that 'Udas has fallen on the ground and kissing the Prophet (pbuh).

One told the other: "See that he misguided the poor slave!"[1]

[1] Seera-e Ibn-e Hishams v. 1 , p 419 - 421