Age Old Lesson - Help after Death
Source: Mujtaba Issue 34 July/Aug 2004

One day, Mu'awiyah asked Abu Tufail: "Were you amongst those who killed Uthman?"

Abu Tufail replied: "No, but I was there and did not help him."

"Why not?" demanded Mu'awiyah

"The Muhajireen and Ansar did not help him at the time, so why should I have?" Abu Tufail answered.

"But he was the Caliph and it was your duty to help him, " Mu'awiyah said.

Hearing this, Abu Tufail asked, "Then why didn't you help him? You were his cousin as well as the Governor of Syria. He was your Caliph too!"

"I asked for his revenge after his death," Muawiya said. "Isn't that help?"

Abu Tufail laughed and said, "You and Uthman are like the two about whom a poet has written: 'I know that after my death you will cry over me but in my life you didn't even look at me!'"