What Will The Date Be???
Adapted from: ISLAM - THE MODERN RELIGION --Author Unknown

Praised be He,who knows the future
Lord of The worlds, Creator of every creature

Did you sit down and think
About the moment when your eyes will cease to blink
yes, I am Talking to you sit down and do
and do not pretend That it won't Happen to you

What will the date be?
What will be the time?
And Most important... am I the next on line?

Oh no you think...not Me....
and even if it was... you say it won't be today....

It will be At a time so far away...
like a hundred years or maybe even more

When Angel Izrael will be knocking at my door
and the problem Is. you know that you know....
That when death comes... it will Come like a blow

I just can't believe maybe can't conceive
that God knows the very second
when my soul will come out of my body
And the news will shock everybody

So am I ready for the test?
The Most important final test?
But how can I pass when I knew all the While
that when I didn't prepare for a test in school
I got a letter in My mail a lousy F for Fail

Exactly what I was expecting
Don't take God for granted
Yes, He is Merciful
His Punishment is also Painful