As the shades of the night fade
into the glory of this dawn,
once again the longing heart
is overwhelmed with a desire

A desire most intense
yet finding no way of expression
It rubs itself into the depths of a
soul, wounded yet hopeful

How, when and where
will I understand, help and see him
was a question of yesterday,
Today, 'if' dominates my query

50 times a day, I ask Allah for
the 'right path', not the paths,
and he is my right path,
But can desire alone take me there?

Remembrance of him is so painful,
yet I smile for he may be around to hear
the helpless whisper,
Ya Hujjat ibn al Hassan Adrikni

They say the path is harder ahead
and he remains as veiled as ever
while this longing continues
aiming to consume one.

My why's are not answered
only hot tears of hope ask
when will I see
If I can see

Strange is the manner of these lovers
hugging their knees
with shoulders shivering
In the Fridays awaiting is harder

And I call the beloveds of Allah
to join this awaiting,
for the SiraT al MustaQeem
here in this glorious dawn

Then shall we call:
Where is the beloved of the beloveds
Where is the Khalifa of Allah
Where is Hujjat ibn al Hassan

And perhaps one day,
Our Joseph's grace will enlighten
the blind eyes of Ya'qoobs
Until then we complain of our own impatience

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