Hijab and Society
The rapid growing Islamic faith consists of many rules and obligatory regulations which most Muslims (followers of the Islamic faith) follow as part of their daily lives. Some take these obligations as burdens and some take them with pleasure. One of these regulations is to wear Hijab. Hijab is the act of covering the entire body and head except for face and hands. This rule is for all girls over the age of nine. This Hijab should enable people to see this young woman's figure.

God has set this regulation for many reasons which at a certain time when I turned nine I was unable to understand. It has several moral values and a few individual advantages.

Wearing Hijab in Islamic countries is so ordinary. If you walked down a street in a majority Islamic country, you will not find a woman who is wearing make-up, in short's and a tank-top in hot climate or any other form fitting attire. However this is so common in western countries that it is considered unnatural to cover yourself completely in the summer. Women in these Islamic countries keep their beauty between themselves and their spouses.

In western countries, the outlook on beauty is completely opposite. The idea here is "If you've got it, flaunt it!!!!" Women here are perceived as sex idols and are meant to look a certain way.

All teens want to fit in and so they conform to our society by dressing and acting as those here. All people judge one by the way they look and dress. They judge you by your outer beauty, not your inner beauty. Status to teens also matters. No one wants to be a 'nerd' in school. We all want friends who are capable of being introduced to others without being ashamed. All these factors have to do with the choices we Muslim girls make on the decision of wearing Hijab. Why should we let others decide what we should and what we should not do for our hereafter? Does it really matter what others think of us?

Wearing Hijab has many advantages and disadvantages. Why should we Muslim girls let others judge us by our outer personality? I think that Hijab lets us be who we are and not what the society wants us to be. Sure, every teen wants to fit in, but wearing Hijab does not mean you cannot be in style. You can buy all different clothes that are appropriate and the head garments come in. varieties of colours and designs, so instead of different hair styles you can have different head garments. I know that it's not the same as Western fashion but why do we have to wear what they decide? Why can't we make up our own type of fashion? It's our country too. Everyone is unique in their own way. Hey, think about it this way, you do not have to worry about your hair in the morning or before going out and you do not have to worry about sucking in your stomach in tight shirts to look extra skinny then you already are!

Once people realise your religious dedication, some will learn to like it and respect you, but there are the occasional that will not. We all have to be ready for that before we begin wearing Hijab. We have to stay strong in our faith and confident in ourselves.

From past chats with those who wear Hijab and from past experiences of showing my religious dedication, I have found that people learn more about your religions including the rules. They learn that you do not do certain things. Peer pressure, in this case becomes less of an issue. If they know you are not allowed to drink, they might offer a few times but once they realise you will not, they stop asking. Most of the time, if they know you will not drink and that your religious dedication is strong, they will not offer. If thay know you do not 'go out' (as in boyfriend and girlfriend) they do not ask or pressure you to. These little minor things to us can create a lifelong of protection. Hijab is our way of protection.. These advantages help the Majority of Muslim girls to succeed in their lives.

Hijab ables us to conduct our lives in modesty. I believe that simplicity is a persons most valuable beauty.

Hijab has many more advantages. There are some disadvantages also as in any other commodity. However, these advantages are completely part of our worldly affairs. Think about your hereafter. Besides the sense of fulfilment you get out of wearing Hijab, God will also give us a great reward for following his command.

I know that this article is not long and that it does not give a lot of the advantages that could persuade you completely to wear Hijab but I hope that all Muslim girls all over the world who are not currently wearing Hijab at least consider it.

Why should we be the prey for the westernised world?

We should all wear Hijab and make Islam stronger and more prosperous so that more people all over the world can realise that Islam is the true religion of this world and time.

by: Sukaina Rajani, 14