THE TIMES of now are heavy upon my shoulders.
The weight is slowly crushing my mind and body into nothingness.
So heavy a burden
Life has become
What should I do
To make it right?
I Just don't know, or do I?

Worship is important and difficult
It is an attempt to make clear the reality and nearness to God...
Nearness of God to the end that God may be to do for us,
And through us, and so for the world at large what He desires.

I cannot deny my feelings,
Yet can not let them show,
The greatest discoveries yet to be made will be along
Spiritual lines and be means of worship.

The more meaningful worship becomes the more clearly
Will we realize that material things do not bring happiness
And are of little value in making us more creatively powerful.

How is it that sadness disappears
And leaves me empty within,
My emotions torn into shreds
Within my weary corps,
When will all this pain and hurt
Ever stop and leave me alone again?

When I prayed to God...
When I worship whether in private
Prayer or in observance with others,
It involves the whole life,
Then the hurt and pain disappears,
The burden leaves me alone,
Because I can pray to God
And because God is Compassionate and Merciful
And because He gives me new strength...

(Mahjubah No. 110-111 July-August 1993)