Righteous Hatred
It's not enough to simply see
That God is One
Not two or three.
Faith wont suffice;
Nor being nice;
Nor freeing up your soul from vice.
If you want to see truth clearly
Not only must you love God dearly.
You have to hate, and disbelieve
The one's whose goal is to deceive
In order to achieve
Dominance over those who believe
That oppression and tyranny
Must not be tolerated.
The Ways Of Evil Must be hated.
Only when this revulsion for "Darkness" is achieved
Can the soul of man be turned to receive
The brilliant ray of Truth's bright light,
Which turns man's blindness into sight.
So folks with eyes can clearly see,
The traps and snares of tyranny,
As well as "Good's" inherent Beauty;
Beauty magnified by duty;
Duty did with heart and soul;
Pleasing God The Only Goal.
The Journey from Darkness to God's Guiding Light;
From Blind Superstition to Most Righteous Sight
Requires a soul to reject The Tagoot
From The Top Of The Tree To It's Accursed Root.

But you love:
Their food and their schools;
Their ways and their means;
Their clothes and their tools;
Their songs and love scenes.

You know who oppressed us
Yet you love all their ways.
It's us who you don't trust
Fearing he who obeys.

Our Prophet says girls turn to women at nine.
Wed them young, but allow them to learn.
But you're of the mind that sees this as a sign
Of a time that you hope won't return.

We're guided to pray together each day
Rising early to meet and to share.
But in dreamland you stay; and unless there's some pay
You'll stay sleep like you don't have a care.

You know that TV causes young minds to see
Evil sights that influence young souls.
But you want things to be "liberated" and "free",
So your children have even worse goals.

You should know that their schools are used to make fools
But all that you want is a job.
Book-toting mules make fine, slavish tools.
And their cradles are easy to rob.

You must hate The Tagoot from his top to his root,
If ever you want to get free.
Faith and love just wont do; you must hate evil too.
If you don't you won't turn 'round to see.

A posting on: ABDG Discussion Group
By: Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur