Do We Or Do We Not?
A posting on: ABDG Discussion Group -by: Umamah S. Hussaini

Do we live for death or
Do we die for life?

Do we want to have or
do we have to want?

Do we create to destroy or
do we destroy to create?

Do we believe in disbelief or
do we disbelieve in belief?

Do we put lies in truth or
do we put truth in lies?

Do we defeat to win or
do we win to defeat?

Are we evil towards goodness or
are we good towards evilness?

Do we receive to waste or
do we waste to receive?

Are we free to be enslaved or
are we enslaved to be free?

Do we fear to be fearless or
are we fearless to fear?

Are accidents intentions or
are intentions accidents?

Do we live to want or
do we want to live?

Is one rich so another can be poor or
is one poor so another can be rich?

Do we try to forget or
do we forget to try?

Are we doing to erase or
are we erasing to do?

Do we obey disobedience or
do we disobey obedience?