A blessed dawn
The round, briliant moon
Gracefully tiptoeing to rise from the East
Shying away from the last glory of the sinking sun
In the blood tinged horizon in the West

The shadow spreads,
Yet there is a sense of delight
A sense of hope
A sense of a revitalizing change

I wonder about this night!
This night of awaiting
Awaiting for a dawn that will witness
A blessed birth.

I see a shooting star
fiercely piercing the heart of the heavens
Embroidered with the sparkling diamonds
And the quiet haloed moon

I wonder who died!
The hopes of Satan?
For The Khalifa of Allah is arriving to prove him wrong.

This dawn will witness a blessed birth
One which this creation has been awaiting
Awaiting since creation.
Since the beginning of time

Awaiting the birth of a fresh breath of freedom
To an imprisoned Insan
Entangled in the magical web of Satan, and Self
Yet aspiring to fly

To fly for Him,
By Him,
To Him
With the wings of Love

Or is it an end to a waiting;
Of the idols forced to stand
With the eyes of Allah watching this insolence,
For another Abrahim to humanely, rid them of this shame

Or is it an end to a waiting;
Of frightened, lonely children
Left in the mercy of a merciless people
For a gentle hand of an orphan to protect them

Or is it an end to a waiting;
Of the baby girls awaiting their burial
for the sin of being a female
To be ransomed with revelation to a man

Or is it an end to a waiting;
Of the Pillar of Hannana
To part with loneliness, and feel
The embodiment of Allah's Rahma leaning on it

Or is it an end to a waiting;
Of the call of Fitrah
From the chest of Bilals
To negate every lord but Allah

Or is it an end to a waiting;
Of Khadija, the awaiting companion
For the lost light
From the forehead of Abdullah

Or is it an end to a search;
Of Salmaan, the freed human
Purer than the fire he refused to bow
For a Purified, earthen human

Or is it a mercy of Allah
For the lost and exhausted humanity
To find Him,
Through the guidance of a man living as tangible as a human

This night breaths away,
The last painful breaths
Shivering with the arrival of the dawn
That heralds a new era

Satan is once again despondent
For nights, where he dwelled, will now witness
A figure prostrating to the only God
And the morns will delight with the remembrance of Allah

For Insan will be the viceregent of Allah
Choose to reject Satan
And choose to respond to Allah
Rejoicing with "Labbaika Allahum"

Blessed is this dawn,
For it witnessed the birth of
Muhammad-e Mustafa (saaws)
The Rahma upon creation, the Shafi' of his Ummat

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