The Mother of all Evils
A formidable enemy stands before us
And we must overthrow it!
It's amongst the greatest enemies of mankind.
It's a public enemy number one!
It's a major cause of our political, economical,
social, moral, health and pollution crisis.

It causes rapes, murders and destruction of family life.
It destroys, kills and cripples millions everyday.
It causes divorces, accidents, unemployment, misery and suicides.
It attacks man, women, babies, even plants and animals.
It converts women and children into widows and orphans.

It does not differentiate between race, colour, sex or creed.
Its aim is to annihilate the entire human race.
It drains the global economy of $200 billion annually.
It is called a disease, a curse and a poison
Yet destroys far worse than TB; Cancer; AIDS; or heart disease.

It's freely available, consumed, produced and promoted-
With the blessing of church, governments, businesses and mass media.
It's aggressively marketed at every nook, corner and township.
It's used for corruption, bribery, seduction and oppression.
It breeds prostitution, shamelessness, pornography and gambling-
Yet people are proud, instead of ashamed

Of the tragic havoc caused by this dangerous poison called ALCOHOL.
Liquor is a corrosive, which eats away at humanity
Undermines cohesion, causes apathy and depression.
It robs the family of compact organisation and strict discipline.
It prevents one from thinking, reasoning and praying.
It obscures and veils the intellect.

Its use is psychologically unsound, economically disastrous,
Socially disruptive and physically poisonous!
"ALCOHOL paralyses the senses, makes one lurch and vomit,
Extinguishes the feeble glimmer of reason and logic.
Never in any animal species, not among pigs, nor jackals,
Nor donkeys, is such ignominy found.

The ugliest thing in creation is the drunkard.
A repulsive being, the sight of whom makes one ashamed
to belong to the same species.
A disgrace! I repeat a disgrace! Which dishonours us all !!!"

O' Mankind let's unite to rid this cancer from our lives!
Let's join hands to rid this evil monster in our midst!
Let's liberate ourselves from this great oppression of ALCOHOL!
Let's make a concerted effort now !!!
Let's preserve the human race !!
Or soon there will be nothing to preserve.

By: Abdullah Osman (South Africa)
Adapted from: MAHJUBAH VOL No.8 (147) August 1996