We Watched
I fear you.
How will we answer to you on Qiyamah?

When our Sisters and mothers were raped we watched
When our Brothers were sodomised, we watched,
When our Elders were mutilated we watched,
When the Mujahideen were tortured, we watched,
When Children were beheaded we watched,
When Depleted uranium burned their insides, we watched
When Pregnant bellies were slashed open we watched,
When Babies were thrown to their deaths we watched,
When His mother lay there bleeding and motionless, we watched.
When Children became insomniacs because of atrocities their eyes witnessed, we watched
When Grenades explode in schoolyards we watched.
When he witnessed the gang rape of his mother, we watched.
When Children became mutes because of the incomprehension of atrocities, we watched.
When the Infant was trampled on infront of his screaming mother, we watched.
When Children stopped smiling we watched.
When Boys were forced to take up arms to defend their women folk, we watched.
When her Brother was used as a human shield, we watched.
When Muslim land was occupied and terrorised, we watched.
When She was raped at the age of four we watched.
When Her husband was beheaded and torched, we watched.
When we saw Mujahids sacrificing their lives for Akhirah, we watched.
When we were called to Jihaad we watched.

Yaa Allah, we watched and ignored.
We shed tears whilst they shed blood for you yaa Allah!
Will you forgive us? Will the beloved Prophet of Islaam even glance at us yaa Allah?
When the Ummah was humiliated we watched and sat here complacently.
Yet we call ourselves Muslims.
And yet here we stand, and again we watch.
From one who claims to be your slave.

"Think not of those who are Slain in the way of Allah as dead. Nay they are living. With their Lord they have Provisions."  [3:169 Al-Quran]

"Verily! Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves'. [Ar-Ra'd:11]