Never forget thy parents
Forget you may the rest, thy parents you never forget
Countless are their blessings, which fact you never forget
Worshipped they, every stone in sight, to sire you

Break not their heart, by turning hard as a stone
Fed you with all their love and brought you up
Emit no venom at the very ones who gave you nectar
How kind were they, and how they fulfilled their aspirations

Live up to their expectations and fulfill their aspirations
Earn you may enormous wealth, but does it equal parents??
It'll all be ashes without service, bloat not with pride

What you'd wish from your kids do unto your parents
What you sow so you'd reap, forget not this adage

Endured they a wet sleep to ensure you a dry comfort
Never let the loving mother's eyes moist
Filled your way with flowers all the way

Hurt not thy very guides being a thorn in their way
May you get all the wealth but do you the parents?
Forget not for a place at their sacred feet for ever

-Author Unknown-