My Overwhelming Experience of Umra
I took. off my sandals and stepped into the Haram in the holy city of Makkah. Looking at the house of God I thought I was in deep-sleep and having a magnificent dream. Stepping on the cold tiles beneath me and looking at the Ka'aba (the holy house of (God) I realised how thousands of people were praying to God for forgiveness. People were dressed in white ihram (ritual pilgrimage clothing) just as myself. The soldiers surrounding the Ka'aba to protect it, gave me a sense of security. It was such a spectacular sight. As my father was reciting the dua (prayer) for the beginning of Umra (pilgrimage) facing the Ka'aba, tears ran out of my eyes because of the majestic glory that filled this Haram.

My father called upon us and instructed us to begin the tawaf (circling of the Ka'aba). As I was making my first round I recited the dua that my father instructed. Repeating it over and over again. I felt a sensational feeling that I had never felt before in my whole life. For the first time I had thanked God for all his bounties. I was amazed that there were people from all over the world, rich and poor, and all different races and colors. At the last round of tawaf I reached the corner where the stone from Heaven was mounted; called Hajr-e-Aswad and I kissed it and then prayed for the completion of the tawaf. After this prayer, I thanked God for all he has done for us.

Then we reached Safa Marwa (lanes in which people run back and forth 7 times). People from all around the world running back and forth, reading duas at each end. As I was running I felt a cool light breeze swifting across me. As I finished my last lane, deep in my heart I didn't want all this excitement to end. Even though I was tired and exhausted from my 30 hour flight there, I wanted to continue praying to God. It made me feel good about myself. I pray to Almighty God to call me once again to do Umra. Then we stepped outside and realised how lucky we are to come to God's house.

I prayed to God to invite people all around the world to have the time of their lives in this holy city of Almighty God!

by: Mohammed Husnain Rajani, 10.