Forgive Me
I can only break down and cry
I am drifting - true guidance is passing me by
Faith tackles my faithless heart
I climb life's ladder but it is slippery to cling to
My soul is empty, nothing to give to
A burning desire to change my ill state
I see a Straight Path but I hesitate
Recalling my life, a game in full play
I hope for longer than temporary stay!
How many sacrifices I will not make!
But then I am sealing the lid to my fate
A place is ready, with punishment - cruel
The sinner's dwelling is Fire, man - fuel
This reality plays on my conscience
Yet my debility conquers my good sense
But I search for the Truth in you
The sincere believer, blessed with virtue
Hopeful and humble, you are serving Him well
Focused and attentive, insecurity expelled
How lucky you seem, a picture of peace
Truth and direction for you, a release
Give me a Piece of your sweetness I long
Show me the True way again I was wrong
To Him whom I pour out my heart faithfully
Surely hears and accepts my overdue plea
All the waste, all the weeping - to Islam I flee
The only path to salvation! May Allah forgive me.