A Trip to Judgement Day
No need for a reservation as it is already booked. You are only required to do is reserve your place in a grave yard.

Name:Son Or Daughter Of Adam And Eve (A.S)
Nationality:Made Of Clay
Address:Planet Earth

 Flight Information
Departure:This World.
Arrival Terminal:The Hereafter.
Departure Time:No Person Knows What He Will Earn Tomorrow And No Person Knows In What Land He Will Die.
Arrival Time:The Stupor Of Death Will Come In Truth "This Is What You Have Been Avoiding".
Accompanying Party:Wives/Husband,Children,Family And Others Are Allowed.
Flight Conditions:Passengers Are To Follow The Order Given In Allah's Book And The Sunnah Of His Noble Messenger (P.B.U.H.).
  1. Obedience,Love And Fear Of Allah.
  2. Constant Remembrance Of Death
  3. Realisation Of Only Heaven And Hell On The Last Day.
  4. Knowledge Gained.
  5. Earnings i.e. Money,Food And Drink Should Be Halal.
Allowed Luggage:
  1. Two Meters Of White Cloth
  2. Good Deeds
  3. A Prayer From A Righteous Son
  4. Ongoing Charity
  5. Knowledge Acquired
  6. Nothing Else To Accompany Him
For More Information
Please Refer To The Book Of Allah And The Sunnah Of His Beloved Prophet(Pbuh).

Extra Weight Of Good Deeds Allowed (Calling Is Direct And Free)

Resrevation Confirmed No Need To Re-Confirm

See You There!!!!!!!!!!!