O Mankind!
O Mankind!
What seduces us from Allah Most Gracious?
A love of this life, of wealth and of easiness?
Be mindful of seduction
Of alluring corruption
It can shake our faith
and bring our destruction
Let us repent! Why aren't we humble?
Know that Allah is Most Merciful

O People!
What distracts us from Allah Most Kind?
A pocket full of gold and a selfish mind
With true faith, from evil, we can surely depart
Seek help through patient perseverance and Salat
Then wait for reward with humble anticipation
Know that Allah is our Source of Celebration.

O Humanity!
What keeps us from thanking the Most High?
Which of our Lord's blessings would we deny?
Have we not sight when others are deprived?
Have we not water that tumbles from the sky?
And we have children and wealth and food
Let us Praise Allah and show our gratitude

O Men!
Remember Allah and double success, nay more!
Islam is a life prosperous, unlike one before
Purity of faith and soul we shall gain
And spiritual happiness and joy and no pain
If sweetest delights, our hearts long to taste
Surrender to Allah the Giver of Faith

O Servants!
Live by a Guidance most honorable
Be strong in faith and steadfast not gullible
Acquire the beauty and wisdom of the Qur'an
Enrich our souls and expel the Shaitan
Behold! A new beginning, brings Light perfect
Sheds peace and tranquillity in this life and the Next
A glorious ray of hope, a source of our Iman
Comes from the beauty of Al-Islam!

Slaves of Allah!
Reflect with your gift of wisdom
Turn to your Maker, vast is His Kingdom
Believe in the Truth and secure your fate
Perfect the submission, bow down and prostrate
Success will reach you, no longer afar
Crown your prosperity - declare 'My Lord is Allah'
And be a witness to mankind, pronounce the Shahadah:
'I bear witness that no god exists but Allah and
Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger'