The Safe Driver
On a foggy day as I drove along
On the winding way, a thought came along,

As surely as "Allah" is one,
Muhammad (SAW) is the esteemed messenger;
Ali is the Chosen one,
Fatema, Hassan and Husain taught lessons,
worthy to remember;

Every care needs a driver,
Every body needs a soul;
Every driver heads for a destination,
Every soul must have a goal;

So I pondered some more,
and I started seeing it all:-
My vehicle in life was my body,
My manual in life was "Qur'an the Holy,"
Muhammad in my body was the instuctor to my soul,

The "sharia" guides me and stops me for the better,
The two lines of rules keep me on the road, safer,
Unintoxicated by life's false luxuries, I'll drive better,
In case of fog, I have the headlights on,
In case of rain, the wipers are on,
In case of cold, the heater are on,
Only fully equipped with proper knowledge is the driver safe,
So I have no fear as I drove on.

As life goes on its destined journey,
Age will cast a shadow on the body,
But the wise driver (soul) anticipates an end to the journey,
The car is parked, left behind; the grave has the body, left behind.

(Excerpt: Reflections) - A posting on: ABDG Discussion Group