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Islamic Quiz - 8

Question 1
"And come not near unto adultery. Lo! it is an abomination and an evil way." Where in Quran this verse is mentioned ?
  1. 17:32
  2. 31:87
  3. 2:110
  4. 5:70

Question 2
What are the duties of Maalik ?

  1. He is the Angel who will blow the horn on the day of Resurrection.
  2. He is the Angel in charge of sustance and rain.
  3. He is the Angel in charge of Hell.
  4. He is the Angel in charge of Paradise.

Question 3
You must perform Wudu before every Salat. Is this statement true ?

  1. Yes
  2. We do not know for sure
  3. None of the above
  4. No

Question 4
Which uncle of the Prophet (PBUH) accepted Islam in Makkah and became Shaheed during the battle of Uhud ?

  1. Abu Lahab
  2. Hamzah
  3. Abu Talib
  4. Abu Jahl

Question 5
Which important event, mentioned in the Quran occured one year before Hijrah ?

  1. Battle of Hunain
  2. Abu Lahab's death
  3. Mi'raj
  4. Death of Bibi Khadija

Question 6
For how long did Prophet Isa (PBUH) preach ?

  1. 5 years
  2. 22 years
  3. 3 years
  4. 21 years

Question 7
What is the other name of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) ?

  1. Israel
  2. Noah
  3. David
  4. Jordan

Question 8
What is the Name the Prophet's (PBUH) great-great-grandfather ?

  1. Abd Manaf
  2. Hashim
  3. Abu Talib
  4. Abdul Muttalib

Question 9
Who named the prophet "Muhammed"(PBUH) ?

  1. Angel Jibraeel
  2. His Father
  3. His Grandfather
  4. His Mother

Question 10
What did the Prophet(PBUH) do to earn his living as a young man ?

  1. He was a Carpenter.
  2. He was a shepherd and a trader.
  3. He was a Banker.
  4. He was unemployed.

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