Islamic Quiz - Hijrah
For 13 years the Holy Prophet tried to spread Islam in .

A few people became Muslims but the Makkans made their life very difficult. Some people from the nearby city of (later known as Madinah) became Muslims.

They invited the Prophet and the early Muslims to come and live with them in Yathrib.

The Prophet first asked the Muslims to leave Makkah and go to Madinah. After most of the Muslims had left, the Prophet himself planned how he would go.

The Makkans would not allow him to leave, they were planning to the Prophet. One night, the Prophet told Imam (a.s.), his cousin to sleep in his bed. He left his home quietly and Abu Bakr followed him.

The Makkans who were outside his house thought the Prophet was still sleeping.

The Prophet knew that the Makkans would come out to search for him. So for days he hid in a cave near Makkah.

This cave is known as .

The Makkans sent out many people to search for the Prophet. These men searched everywhere. They even came near the cave where the Prophet was hiding, but Allah did not let them find the Prophet.

Two had built a nest at the entrance of the cave. A had made its web across it too.

Thus the Makkans thought the Prophet could not be there and went on looking for him.

After three days the the Prophet left the cave of Thaur and went towards .

He reached where he built the first mosque of Islam.

Then he went to Madinah where all the Muslims were waiting for him.

This journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Madinah is known as .