The Gift of Rajab
Rajab is a month of many special days, including the birth anniversaries of our first, fifth, and ninth, and tenth Imams, the day when the Prophet officially proclaimed Islam, and the day when he ascended to the heavens. . .]

Imam Ali (AS)
Imam Ali was born in the Sacred House, the Holy Kaaba, in Makkah in 600 A.D. The place of his birth was a sign of his position in the eyes of Allah and no one else has ever been born in the Holy Kaaba.

Celebrating the Birth of Imam Ali (peace be upon him)
Although the actual completion of the faith of Islam took place on the 18th of Dhul Hijjah on the plains of Ghadeer, its spiritual completion took place in the month of Rajab with the birth of Ali ibne Abi Talib (peace be upon him).

Imam Ali, The Commander of The Faithful
Twenty-three years before the Hijra, on the thirteenth of Rajab, a miraculous birth took place. Fatima-bint-Asad, the wife of Abu Talib, was Divinely Guided with sudden labor pains to the Holy Kaaba. As her immense labor pains weighed her down, Fatima kne

Imam Ali: Whose Imam Is He?
We Shia Muslims always consider Imam Ali (peace be upon him) our Imam and claim that we are his followers. Thus, we are celebrating his birth this week. The question is: is there any criteria to be met by which we can hope that we are following Imam Ali a

A Brief History of the Life of Imam Ali (a.s.)
According to well-known traditional accounts Ali was born ten years before the commencement of the prophetic mission of the Prophet. Ali was always in the company of the Prophet until the Prophet migrated from Mecca (Makkah) to Medina (Madinah). On the da

Imam Ali (peace be upon him)'s advice to Leaders & Administrators
Brief excerpts from Imam Ali (a.s.)'s famous letter to Malike Ashtar, Governor of Egypt, in which he advised on leaders' "Code of Conduct". These are indeed priceless gems for those who are leaders or aspirants.