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Islamic Quiz - 15

Question 1
Type of water by which Wudhuu can be performed?
  1. Mutahhirat
  2. Muzaf
  3. Mutlaq
  4. Fuqqa

Question 2
Water cleanses a Najis thing if the following four conditions are present.

  • (1.) That the water is Mutlaq.
  • (2.) Tahir.
  • (3.) Does not become ____________________ by comming into contact with Najis thing.
  • (4.) All the Najasat is washed away from the Nalis thing.

  1. Istihala
  2. Muzaf
  3. Intikal
  4. Kur

Question 3
Najasat means the thing which is unclean in itself and makes other things unclean upon contact. Which of the following is not Najis?

  1. Hair
  2. Kafir
  3. Fuqqa
  4. Urine and Stool

Question 4
If one of these are left out, or added whether intentionally or unintentionally, Namaz will become void

  1. Zikr
  2. Tashahhud
  3. Takbiratul Ihram
  4. Salaam

Question 5
Will invalidate the Namaz if they are left out, or added, intentionally, but they do not invalidate the Namaz if they are left or added unintentionally.

  1. Niyyat
  2. Qiyam
  3. Ruku
  4. Tashahhud

Question 6
The water for Wudhoo must be?

  1. Mubah
  2. Perfumed
  3. Ghasbi
  4. In a silver pot

Question 7
Qaza Prayers of the parents is obligatory on?

  1. Eldest son
  2. Eldest daughter
  3. Brother
  4. Wife

Question 8
When is the prayer of Ayaat to be recited?

  1. When snowing
  2. For a Mayyit
  3. On Friday's
  4. For Earthquake

Question 9
It is not necessary to face towards Qibla';

  1. While doing Isha Prayers
  2. While praying Namaze Mayyit
  3. While Eating
  4. While slaughtering animals

Question 10
Namaaz is not allowed _______________ ?

  1. in a House
  2. in a Ghasbi place
  3. in Baitul-Muqaddas
  4. in a Mosque

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