Entezar Contest (Theoretical Questions)
Quiz Adapted from Salam Iran - 1998 "Entezar" Contest
Question 1
What are the metaphors used for Imam's occultation (Gheybat) in Hadith ?
  1. A jewel in a box at the bottom of an ocean that will be eventually found.
  2. The sun behind the clouds while being a source of vitality and life.
  3. An imprisoned person who answers letters addressed to him.
  4. A rain at the top of the hill whose benefits will eventually reach the valley.
Question 2
Which one of the following is not accepted by people of Sunnah ?
  1. Mahdi (AJ) will rule the whole world.
  2. Mahdi (AJ) is a descendant of the Prophet.
  3. Mahdi (AJ) is alive and in occultation (Gheybat).
  4. Jesus will pray behind Mahdi (AJ).
Question 3
What's the main reason of Imam's occultation (Gheybat) ?
  1. Nobody knows and it will be known only after his appearance.
  2. To test people.
  3. To save Imam from being killed.
  4. To help him not to be forced to accept and live under an unjust ruler.
Question 4
What's the main difference between the minor and the major occultation (Gheybat Kobra and SoghrA) ?
  1. In the major occultation he is not seen at all.
  2. In the minor occultation there was a direct contact with Imam.
  3. In the major occultation there were fewer deputies (NAyeb) of Imam.
  4. In the minor occultation Imam's where about was known.
Question 5
Why should we stand up when we hear Imam's title: Qa'im ?
  1. Because the Prophet did that.
  2. To express our readiness for his appearance.
  3. There is no such tradition.
  4. Because Qa'im means "stand up" in Arabic.
Question 6
Which one better describes the meaning of Imam from the a Shiite point of view ?
  1. The one who answers our religious questions.
  2. The leader of the Islamic society.
  3. God's evidence(Hodjat) on the face of earth.
  4. Prophet's successor for the justice and governmental affairs.
Question 7
Which one will express ones awaiting (Entezar) for Imam's appearance better ?
  1. Praying for his appearance.
  2. Speeding up his appearance by increasing injustice on earth.
  3. Crying for his appearance.
  4. Being prepared with the power of faith (Iman).
Question 8
Which one is correct about the Imam's appearance and the signs(prophecies) for it ?
  1. They are all true and will happen.
  2. Only those said by our Imams are true (will happen).
  3. His appearance is true and will happen whenever God chooses to.
  4. None of them are true.
Question 9
What has been said in Revayat or Hadith about a person who anticipates Imam's appearance (Montazar) ?
  1. A devoted soldier of the legacy of Imams.
  2. One who is plunged in his own blood in the way of God.
  3. A Red match (rare substance).
  4. Imam Zaman's servant.