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Islamic Quiz - 16

Question 1
Which one of the following is not a wajib Ghusl?
  1. Istihaza
  2. Idd
  3. Masse Maiyit
  4. Janabat

Question 2
Ghusl-e-Irtimasi means?

  1. Sequence Bath
  2. Ghusl-e-Tartibi
  3. Wajib Bath
  4. Immersion Bath

Question 3
What causes "Janabat" and after which Ghusl is Wajib?

  1. Discharge of Semen in sleep or while awake.
  2. Touching dead body.
  3. After Istihaza
  4. After Haiz

Question 4
Which of the following is Haram while in condition of Janabat

  1. Reciting Quran other than ayats from those Suras in which Sajda is wajib.
  2. To stay outside Masjids
  3. Entering Masjidul Haram or Masjidun Nabi.
  4. Not to touch writings of Quran.

Question 5
It is makruh in state of Janabat

  1. Entering Masjidul Haram or Masjidun Nabi.
  2. To go and place something in the Masjid or, to enter it to take out something.
  3. Touching the writings of Quran or the Names of Allah.
  4. To touch the Quran.

Question 6
Sign prayers become obligatory when one of the following condition is present.

  1. When there is a death in the family.
  2. Lunar eclipse (whether partial or complete).
  3. For the pleasure of Allah.
  4. Asking for Wealth.

Question 7
Ghusl performed after the "menstruation" (monthly period) is known as?

  1. Ghusl of Haidh
  2. Ghusl of Janabat
  3. Ghusl of Istihadha
  4. Ghusl of Maiyit

Question 8
Sura in which Sajda is wajib

  1. Surah Fatihah, 1:5
  2. Surah Imran, 3:14
  3. Surah Alaq, 96:19
  4. Surah Nur, 24:8

Question 9
The longest surah in the Quran is?

  1. Sura Alaq
  2. Al-Baqara
  3. Al-Kawther
  4. Al-Imran

Question 10
The first 5 ayats of the Quran revealed were from Sura?

  1. Sura Asr
  2. Surah Fatihah
  3. Al-Kawther
  4. Surah Alaq

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