Islamic Quiz - 4
  1. For 13 years the Holy Prophet tried to spread Islam in .
  1. from the tribe of Bani Sa'd looked after the the Prophet for about five years.
  1. The Holy Prophet married Lady Khadija at the age of
  1. In the cave of Hira during the night of in the month of Ramadhan, when the Holy Prophet was asleep, the Archangel Jibreel brought him the command from Allah and was given the mission of propagating the new religion. At that time the Holy Prophet was years old.
  1. The Battle of Badr occured years after Hijrah.
  1. Prophet Issa preached for years.
  1. Does Quran mention name's of all the Prophets
  1. the son of Prophet Nuh was a disbeliever and was drowned.
  1. One of the obligatory prayers is the Prayer of Ayaat. This prayer is to be performed when there is a/an and other similar occurrences.
  1. Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan had engaged an Abyssinian slave, , to kill Prophet Muhammad during the Battle of Uhud.