Entezar Contest (General and Historic Questions)
Quiz Adapted from Salam Iran - 1998 "Entezar" Contest
Question 1
What's the firstname of Imam Zaman (AJ)?
  1. Mohammad
  2. Mahdi
  3. Hodjat
  4. Ab-ol-Ghassem
Question 2
What was the first sentence that Imam said after his birth?
  1. I ask to God for his forgiveness (Astaghfer-o-Allah)
  2. God is the Greatest (Allah-o-Akbar)
  3. Doa Allahoma Kon Levaliyek
  4. I testify that there is no God but Allah (Ashhad-o-an la Elaha Ella Allah)
Question 3
Which one of the following is NOT one of Imam's special deputies (Novab-e-Khass)?
  1. Othman ebn Said Amri
  2. Mohammad ebn No'man
  3. Hossein ebn Rooh
  4. Ali ebn Mohammad Semary
Question 4
Was Imam's letters (Toghi'at) in his own handwriting?
  1. Some of them
  2. None of them
  3. He was illiterate
  4. They were written by his deputies (Novab)
Question 5
How can Imam live forever?
  1. It's a miracle
  2. There is no scientific proof that it's impossible to live forever
  3. He doesn't live forever.
  4. Similar cases of people with very long life has been reported in history, like Noah.
Question 6
Where is Imam living right now?
  1. The holy Cellar
  2. Samerrah (in Iraq)
  3. Makkah
  4. On Earth
Question 7
Which of the following has NOT been reported as Imam's reappearance signs?
  1. The coming of Dadjal
  2. The burst of Damavand Volcano (in Iran).
  3. Earth will be full of injustice and tyranny.
  4. Revolt of Sofiani.
Question 8
From where does Imam's uprising begin?
  1. Kaaba
  2. Prophet's shrine in Madinah
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Karbala
Question 9
When was the Minor Occultation (Gheybat-e-Sogra)? (According to the Hejri calendar)
  1. 255-260
  2. 260-329
  3. 255-329
  4. 255-322