Death, The Beginning or end of the life! (Part 4)

How Does Death Come?
At the approach of death, when the eyes, ears and tongue cease to function, the person concerned sees (in spiritual vision) three things which claim to be his friends.

One of them says, "I will remain with you till your death"‌. That friend is his worldly wealth and assets. Another says, "I will accompany you till the door of your grave."‌ And it is his children. But one friend says, "I am with you for ever, in life as well as in death"‌. And it is his deeds.

Imam Sajjad (a.s.) said: "Allah has said, I do not hesitate in any order, except the death of a believer - he dislikes death and I do not like displeasing him-; So when time comes for him to die, Allah sends two angels (or, according to other traditions, two flowers) to him: one is called "Muskhiyyah" - one who makes him generous - and the other is called "Munsiyyah"‌ - one who makes him forget. Thus, the Muskhiyya makes him generous with his family wealth (he willingly leaves every thing behind) and the Munsiyyah makes him forget all worldly affairs.

Also Hadrat Ali (a.s.) has said: "O Harith of Hamdan, whoever dies sees me, whether he be a believer or a hypocrite"‌. So far as the believers are concerned, they become happy to see the Imam (a.s.), but the hypocrites become sad when they see him.

Anyhow, when Muskhiyyah and Munsiyyah have done their work, the Angel of Death (Malak-ul-Maui) arrives and tells him not to worry: "By Allah, I am kinder to you than your father. Now, open your eyes and look."‌ Then his spiritual eyes are opened and he sees (in his vision) the faces of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh&hh) and the Imams (a.s.), is informed who they are, and is given the good tidings that he would be their companion. Then he hears a call:O thou tranquil soul, return to thy Lord, well pleased, well pleasing (to Him): enter thou amongst My servants, and enter thou My paradise﴿‌ (Qur’an, 89:27-30).

At that time, the believer’s only wish is to die as soon as possible so that he may reach that caller.

Thus, the believer leaves this world without any sorrow and without any care. And Allah gives him death when he himself desires death above all things, so that he may reach the Messenger of Allah and the Imams (peace be on them all).

But for the hypocrites and the unbelievers the story is completely different.

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