Walk into the face of your fears
by: Nadia Jamil

I cannot tell you what success is as everyone would have their own definition. What I do know for sure is that fear is a very powerful emotion and has a massive bearing on success. It is fear that can turn things around in a good or bad way. Ever wondered why we are asked to fear God? Or the Day of Judgement? It's because it is this fear of being monitored at all times that motivates us to do good things in life so that on the Last Day we have fewer regrets.

But what if this same emotion was used by people to manipulate each other? Such that they would be scared to speak the truth for fear of getting into trouble. Should they just stay quiet out of fear of being killed or disliked?

The way to overcome this is to realise that no matter what we achieve in this short life we won't take anything with us when we are six foot under. So what is the point of having all these fears in life when we know that at any moment we can be taken back from this world.

The main ingredient for success is the elimination of the fears that make us weak as a person. Like what will people say, will they laugh if I get it wrong, what if I don't win? Let's pause for a second here, who are we trying to impress really? Each other? For what? Shouldn't we be helping each rather than turning each other into demigods?

Some people might call them insecurities but I see them as minor fears that can be overcome easily only if we face them. These fears make our foundations weak and take away our full potential. In the eyes of God the best person is the one who is most pious. Then why do some of us want to impress each other and not the one who created us?

Old habits die hard they say. That's true but with knowledge and wisdom they can easily be broken.

Demigods that we create around us in the form of other people are seekers just like us.

They have their own fears. So why do we waste our energy to please them. Giving back to each other with absolutely no xpectation of any return except from the One who created us can solve so many of our troubles and worries.

The day we realise this fact and live by it we will begin to walk into the face of our fears and become much more successful and content with our lives.

Originally published in islam today magazine UK, Vol. 1 No. 6 | April 2013. It has been republished here with permission.