Comming of the Savior
Source: MAHJUBAH Vol. 14 No.12(139) Dec.1995

Long nights they sat at gazing the desert sky,
at stars bright and large, though ever so high,
like diamonds in the sky, distant camp fires,
on a dark night, twinkling as if winking back.

As though saying, "We know whose coming you await..."
Stars, ancient, wise and knowing, winking reassuringly,
keep up the hope, wait a while, he is coming assuredly.

We know the signs are ready, the Earth ripe, rotten,
filled with sin, men in bondage, God completely forgotten.

The time is come to cleanse this tumultuous hell, this riotous,
unrestrained, violent world, oblivious of the tolling bell;
as when it came for Ibrahim to fell the idol gods
as when it came for Musa to drown Pharaoh's hordes
as when it came for Isa to heal the sick with loving words.

it is time now...
to raise the fallen before gods of stone, of hate and perfidy,
gods of bondage, tyranny and inhuman savagely.

Fathers burying daughters alive to save pride, false and empty
of all human values, of fear of God, of any human quality.

One quite, peaceful, silent night the signs all came together
the night breeze shifted seeming to come down from heavens
the stars became larger, nearer, appearing to descend
in a radiant column right upon Abdullah's house
Abdullah the dear, departed son of Abdul Muttalib,
most venerable of Mecca's chieftains, guardian of Ka'aba,
lineage of Ibrahim the Friend of God, Patriarch of Banu Hashim.

The scriptures had foretold the signs as the elders had revealed
the Gospels had prophesied giving even his name, Ahmad,
the praiseworthy, laudable, commendable and many another name,
chosen of his heavenly Master and raised to eternal fame.

Forty long years he walked among the dunes and ravines
sat in the lonely, dark cave, thinking, waiting, pondering
turning to inner mediation, reflecting, suffering
for the suffering humanity, it's waywardness, wandering;
then the cave filled with light one day and the voice resounding,
"Read, in the name of Allah!" He was truly alarmed.

But the voice was friendly, respectful, encouraging,
it was Jibreal, the Arch angel he revealed, "and you,
and you O Muhammad, peace be upon you, are His messenger."

After a long while he stepped out, shaken and wondering
but sure, determined to accomplish his mission
the mission great, monumental, super human task,
to raise His down trodden creatures from the abyss, the pit,
of abjectness and humiliation, abuse and disgrace
return them to His fold, His forgiving and merciful grace;
with Noah's faith, Ibrahim's courage, Musa's determination,
with Isa's devotion and more he stepped out of the cave
and headed home, to his household, endearing wife Khadija,
and Ali, his cousin, his charge, young devoted, admiring Ali,
the first and foremost of Muslims,the fountain headsof his progeny
that would produce his viceregents and fill the world some day,
with staunch faith and devotion they said, "We bear witness
there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger."

Behold! The Final Messenger, Blessing for God for all the worlds!
the Saviour, the Redeemer, idol breaker, harbinger of eternal life.

Muhammad (S) the Last Prophet of God, the last hope for mankind,
torch bearer of peace and hope in this riotous, tumultuous world
rebellious, disbelieving men, "deaf, dumb and blind," in utter darkness lost
He, often destroying then reviving them so they would thank and obey Him at last.

His saving grace embodied in human form set out onhis vital task,
his great, monumental mission, how hazardous it became at last!

Softly he treaded the streets of Mecca, thorns often thrown in his way
gently he spoke to them, in streets, houses, sermon beside hill one day
Visiting the needy, the destitute, the downtrodden, giving them hope
warning the rich, the powerful to turn in repentance, give His creatures succor
Days and nights in His Master's service, delivering His word to all,
to believers and unbelievers, good or bad, his message was for all,
His heavenly Master, bestowed great honors, had him carried aloft
in one short night from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa, and far beyond
to the seventh heaven and farther on past Hell and Paradise
Till there was no beyond, no time, only His Eternal Radiance.

The past, present, and the future; beyond, eternity,
were all revealed, some pleased with his progeny like Ali, Hussain and Mahdi,
He was much pleased with his progeny like Ali, Hussein and Mahdi,
What grieved him were the pools of blood in Masjid Kufa and Karbala
"Thy will be done, your servant hears and obeys every one of thine commands,"
be battles great as Badr or Hunain, or fire at his daughter's door.

Toiling ceaselessly he spread the word, seekers came from far and wide
drawn by his honest charm, saintly chrisma, sat, listened and believed.

"Magic," said the enemies, scheming chiefs of Quraish and Umayya
then the year of sorrows, sorrow upon came his way,
dear protective Khadija,his guardian uncle Abu Talib passed away.

The enemies closed in harassing and besieging his entire family,
cut off food and water, starving them in a deserted ravine inhumanly.

There too he spread the word, teaching the Qur'an steadfastly.

The chiefs gave up but joined their heads to find the final way
"Let's kill him all together, a young man from every family."

On a starless night,drawn swords and javelins,murder in their head
they scaled the wall, swept quietly in, found Ali asleep in Prophet's bed.

Then the flight, the sacred Hijra from home and hearth and family
from childhood, youth and ever thing and thirteen years of agony.

Another step in Allah's way, another promised land granted,
the first Islamic state of Medina that all believers wanted.

Again Abu Sufiyan, Umayya, Abu Jahl and vile Meccan chiefs
following, pursuing increasingly to complete their devilish mischief.

From Allah promised victories, Badr and Uhud, Khandaq, and Hunain,
Ali tearing down the Khaybar door, then Fars, Syria and Palestine.

A heroic, epic, calamitous tale of faith, courage and sacrifice
to carry on to that glorious day when the Rightful Heir arrives.

Till Mahdi (a.s.) come and put right the wrongs of evil-doers of history.

till then many a trial and a test for the Prophet's progeny.

Forever live his name and fame and the Radiant Path he blazed,
no recompense did he ever want for the great devotion he displayed,
but that they bear witness to his endeavors to conclude his task effectively,
and give deep regard and affection to his dear, beloved family.

Let then the nations of Islam give answer if they can honestly,
how well they answered his dearest wish-beningly or ruthlessly!
From Medina to Kufa and Karbala, from Qum and Mashhad to Shahr-e Rey,
are scattered his dearest ones, still giving refuge to all who pray.