The Ultimate Goal!
Source: Posting by: Dar ul Muslimeen, Dodoma, Tanzania. March 16, 2014 | Article adapted from

How would you respond to the following question: What is your ultimate goal in life? Would any of the following responses ever be heard?:

To become super-rich
To keep expanding one's business
To have the best comforts and luxuries
To acquire the highest qualifications in one's field
To build one's dream home or to own the smartest car

Never! ... A thousand times never! We are Mu'mineen (Believers). Our ultimate goal can never be such mundane things. A Mu'min's ultimate goal can only be that which Allah Ta'ala has himself declared: "And the Pleasure of Allah is the greatest" (9:72).

Since the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala is the ultimate goal, whatever is necessary in order to acquire His pleasure must be happily undertaken while anything that becomes an obstacle in the path of obtaining His pleasure must be sacrificed.

The great ibadah of Qurbani (sacrificing an animal on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha) teaches us exactly this lesson. The love for one's child is more than the love for everything in the world. One's last cent will be spent to save the life of one's child. Yet when Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihis Salaam) was commanded to slaughter his son, he set out to fulfil the command in order to acquire the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala. Qurbani is a commemoration of this great spirit of sacrifice. It is a reminder of the fundamental lesson that the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala is the ultimate goal and nothing must come in the way of attaining it.

For Allah (swt) alone
In order to acquire the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala, we must be guided by His commandments and by the noble example of our beloved Rasulullah (saww). Everything must be for Allah Ta'ala alone, as commanded in the Glorious Qur'an: "Say, verily my salaah, my acts of worship, my living and my dying are for Allah, the Rabb (Nurturer) of the universe" (6:162).

To understand this fundamental concept, consider the following examples:

If one engages in business, it must be for the sake of Allah Ta'ala alone - that is to fulfil His command to acquire halaal sustenance and to take care of the needs of one's family. Hence when the business is for Allah alone, the business must stop for salaah - salaah must not be put on hold for business. Likewise the most lucrative deal must be sacrificed if it entails any haraam element. All the laws of Shariah pertaining to business must be upheld, since the business is for Allah alone.

Nikah: Least expenses
Nikah is a great ibadah. One who gets married has completed half his Imaan. Nikah is also for Allah Ta'ala alone. Therefore it will be done in a manner that earns His pleasure. One of the most fundamental aspects to earn His pleasure in Nikah is adopting simplicity.

Rasulullah (saww) has declared: "The most blessed Nikah is wherein the least expenses were incurred". Thus if a Nikah is for Allah alone it will be a simple affair, not a lavish function. Thousands of rands will not be wasted on "deco." Intermingling of males and females, music and other haraam activities will never take place. Let alone haraam activities, nothing will be done merely to impress people - since it is for Allah Ta'ala alone.

One's dressing is also for Allah Ta'ala alone. Thus the choice of clothes must conform to the Qur'an and Sunnah. Tight-fitting, revealing or western-style garments must never be worn, nor must the brand culture be followed. One must never dress to impress people (except the wife dressing for her husband) since Rasulullah (saww) has declared: "The one who wears clothing to impress people, Allah Ta'ala will clothe him in garments of disgrace on the day of Qiyamah."

Gone to waste serving deen:
The primary objective of our existence on earth is to worship Allah Ta'ala and to serve His Deen. It is obvious that serving Deen must be for Allah Ta'ala alone or else it will be rejected in His court. Therefore, one will ensure that the manner of serving Deen that one has adopted is pleasing to Allah Ta'ala. Hence transgressing the laws of Shariah to "serve" Deen totally contradicts the objective of working for Allah Ta'ala alone.

The Qur'an describes such people as "... those whose efforts in the world have gone to waste, whereas they thought they were doing great acts" (18:103). Thus if our service to Deen is for Allah Ta'ala alone, it must be done in conformance to Deen. These are merely some examples. Every aspect of our life must be scrutinized in the same way. Is it for Allah Ta'ala alone ... or is it for my ego, status, position, power, name and fame or for any other ulterior motive.

Full of barakah:
Whatever is for Allah Ta'ala only is full of barakah and will be accepted in the court of Allah Ta'ala. The benefits of such actions are received in this world and the unimaginable rewards await one in the Hereafter, where Allah Ta'ala will manifest His total pleasure. That is the ultimate goal.