In the Bazzar of Sham
With the author's kind permission.

Easy, O' hurrying steps
Watch out for you may step on the
tear drops of the Beloveds of Allah
dripping blood of the captured ones
footprints of the oppressed
as disrespect is the law of this land, watch out

Graceful, O' wondering eyes,
Lower your gaze, you aren't a tourist of historic sites
so that you may avoid
the wild gazes of the inhabitants of Shaam
who have learned to ignore the blatant reality
who watched and celebrated the agony of the Best
who continues to be blind
unless the fire of your gaze gives them light to see
and the questioning gazes of the
children: 'for what crime' should they suffer?

Hear, O' preoccupied ear
Listen, think and act
Hear the message of
Tawheed in the words of Hussein in the silver box
Sacrifice for the cause in Ras-ush Shuhada
Certitude, patience, and Iman in Zainabyyah
Need for continued action in the winding streets
and you decide what you hear from Ruqayyah

Think, O' lazy mind
Think, Think and Think, for
this is your identifying capacity
for your head has rested on the resting place of
Hussein's head
and you have sworn allegience with the 72 heads
and the beloved Zainab

Speak, O' mute tongue
Speak the words of truth
Hide not in silence
accepting injustice as a sign of common respect
of fearing your uncertainty and stupidity
when good must be enjoined and evil prohibited
for you are His viceregent on this earth

Efficient, O' greedy breath
One, and two, and three; be desciplined
For this is the land where
sighs have solidified on the walls of Yazid
words have become eternal from the lungs of Sajjad
yet few feel
and fewer hear

Lamentful, O' lamenting soul,
Remain awake, and alert
So that you may realize
what was the message of that Day that must live in you
as the warm, red blood of past generations
where you fit in history, in life, in creation
and yet more important of where you should fit
for that might be arrival to His courtyard, with certitude